Math-o-mir allows you to create math faster than ever before

As a teacher and a math geek I love to create math, play with it, share it with others. This is why I tell everyone I can find about Geogebra and Python for their classrooms. The difficulty is if I want to create a worksheet, project, or lesson involving math equations, I had three options for formatting:

  1. Paper/Pen (messy and not easily modified)
  2. LaTex (difficult and time consuming)
  3. Microsoft Word/Open Office Math (useful but felt like I was using a program, not "doing" math)
When I am doing math with my students I want them to have that same rush I feel every time I pick up a napkin and start doodling. I believe I have found that software with Math-o-mir. I am grateful to Sue and the MathFuture Google Group for directing my attention to this amazing piece of software. 

It takes a few minutes of playing with the software before you get the hang of it. But once you do you will find yourself making math as fast as you can type it. With so many built in math functions and symbols this will serve Elementary through University. The formatting is very flexible, you can position it as you need to, change the font, and change just about anything you want with just a couple of clicks.

I recommend that after you install the software you push "F1" and read the very well written tutorials/ documentation. My favorite is that it will allow you to draw a diagram or plot the equation in seconds!

Last and most important in my opinion, you can select which parts to copy and paste into your document or presentation as an image (I would like to see in the future it copied as a .png file so it is not blurry if you make it larger). However, the software was designed to be a "Math Notebook" so you and your students can use the program to do all of the work you need.

Yet another example of technology making our lives easier. My gratitude for Danijel Gorupec for creating such powerful software and releasing it to the world for free.