Great new Math Blog: and the 2010 BrokenAirplane Edublog Nominations

It is time for the 2010 Edublog Awards Nominations:

It has been a great experience for me to blog. I really appreciate the many unique opportunities I have enjoyed and people I have met through doing it. In my opinion it is really important to get many voices in the conversation about education. To get various perspectives and new ideas.

Over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege of working with Allison. She is a hard working and committed to giving her students the most interesting math experience they can have. Her and I have also worked to create curriculum that integrates computer science and math through the Python Programming Language. She has begun a math blog (Infinity + Polygons) which I hope you will check out.

Here are my EduBlog award nominations:

  • Lifetime Achievement: Karl Fisch The Fischbowl - I was introduced to this blog over 3 years ago while I was working with the University of Utah on creating their Epigenetics Curriculum. Since then I have followed him on Twitter and his Math focused blog Transparent Algebra. Innovative and thoughtful posts.
  • Best Educational Wiki: Patrick Yurick 9th Grade Multimedia Wiki - It has been my pleasure to work and consider myself friends with him. A deeply thoughtful teacher, his ideas and pedagogy has influenced every educator at our school. The founder of the very popular and groundbreaking Graphic Novel Project and co-creator of the Interdisciplinary Spanish/Multimedia Talk Town Project. Start a conversation with this guy, you will not regret it.
  • Most Influential Blog Post: Anne Smith Alfie Kohn - I Need You. When the blog world saw how open she was about sharing her concerns and open to asking for help, it could not help but offer suggestions and support. Even Alfie Kohn found time to respond.
  • Best Group Blog: Graphic Novel Project. This group of students works extremely hard to produce professional quality comic books about compelling and important topics like Immigration and School Dropout. The work that they do will have far reaching effects as their influence in the community grows.