New Robotics 2011 Game Logomotion Released!

Do I seem more tired than usual? If so it is because the FIRST Robotics Competition had its Kickoff this Saturday and we have worked all weekend. If you are a subscriber or longtime follower of BrokenAirplane then you know how passionate I am about the power of Robotics to change a students life. In my opinion, robotics teams are the purest form of learning and allow students to unleash their creativity and potential while learning valuable STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Each year the game changes, and each one is always so unique and well designed that even after doing this for years, I still get as excited as my students to start designing (perhaps more so). This year's game is Logomotion and it celebrates the 20th year anniversary of FIRST Robotics. Watch the 3 minute video to find out what it is all about.

Pretty amazing huh? What is even more amazing is that thousands of teams are working right now to create their own unique designs. Completely led and run by students with feedback from mentors, just wait and see the incredible stuff students come up with.

Our team went to the San Diego Kickoff and had a blast. It is their Rookie FRC year and I am excited to share it with them. We are a relatively small team of about 8 students but thanks to the incredibly generous support of our sponsors NASA, JC Penny, our after school program, and private donations we are well equipped to handle the job. I am also incredibly grateful to the 3 engineers and 1 math teacher/programmer who have joined the Chaos Vortex team. 

I will provide updates on our progress as the season progresses. If you know a FRC mentor at your school, please give them a smile and an encouraging word as we tend to work an extra 20+ hours in addition to our regular teaching duties. We love every minute but after a couple of weeks it gets pretty exhausting.

Let me know if I or my team can do anything to support other teams. We are rookies but we have a few years of VEX under our belt and we love to help! We are always looking to start new teams and if you would like to come by and see our VEX or FRC team in action let us know so we can help get you going for next year.

6 weeks until ship date.

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