FRC Team Chaos Vortex Week 4 Update

Great week! It is great to be an FRC team mentor when you see satisfaction and productivity abounding.

The STEM Alliance which is currently a group of South Bay FRC/VEX/FLL teams who are committed to spreading robotics to areas in need and supporting each other with our combined resources. We meet each week to share ideas and help one another out. This week at Hilltop High School we were so grateful that they were able to help our programmer out. Our guy has done amazing so far on his own but with their help he was really able to take off and now our compressor is working!

Derrick is the mentor for the Hilltop Team, 2193, and I have to give a huge shout out to him because since the beginning of our team three years ago he has been so supportive and always willing to share time and resources to help out. We would not be the team we are without him and his team and I am extremely grateful. Speaking of mentors, I am equally grateful for the help and extra pair of eyes that our two mechanically inclined mentor have brought. I know what I know but the wisdom and know-how that they have been able to impart to the students has been so wonderful to watch.

We picked up another 2 sponsors this week, Southwestern Community College and Qualcolmm. The amount of resources and support that supports our team is beyond words and we are so grateful. I have a few students who do incredible work with the business and finance but with our team size, I am spending most of the build season making phone calls with suppliers and getting orders straightened out. My hats off to Eileen and all other mentors who have been doing this for a while because it is exhausting to do the behind the scenes just to ensure that the students have what they need.

This week is our "crunch week" we WILL finish our robot so we can have at least a couple of weeks of practice and refinement because I would rather have a fully functional, beautiful robot than an untested one. I had some time to start speaking with our president about what she wanted to do for our booth and WOW it is going to be amazing. I cannot wait to see what everyone else has come up with this season and I am excited to see the robot come together and finish the final assembly. My hope is that by the next update I will have a big proud grin (either that or I might be too tired to post).

The rush towards ship date looms ahead. Good luck everyone!

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