BrokenAirplane Feedback and Refinement

Every semester since I began teaching I ask students for feedback. I hope I never stop asking. Sometimes it lifts me up to cloud nine and other times it causes me to rethink everything. There is nothing like honest feedback and I hope to get some from you, the readers of this blog.

What I ask of you is the same thing I ask of my students, please provide kind, helpful, and specific feedback. I likewise promise to put a lot of thought and reflection on your responses. Out of respect to your time, the longer answers are not required so you can provide quick feedback and be on your way. To others, if you have a moment, I would greatly appreciate more in depth feedback.

It is my mission for this blog to be as useful and helpful to as many people as possible, maybe even transformative. With your help, I can achieve that. Thank you for your time!

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