Dependable Ride, The iPhone and Android App That Could Save Lives

There are some pretty sobering statistics about drunk driving that anger and frustrate me at the same time. Unlike cancer or war these deaths are preventable or accidental and always traumatizing for all involved. While efforts are made to educate people on the risks and costs, people still make foolish decisions.

Some will designate a driver or set up a ride home only to have it fall through. This is an even bigger problem with high school students who will try to drive home because they don't want to face the legal or parental repercussions if they are discovered intoxicated.

This could also be helpful if you suddenly find yourself lost or in danger. There is no reason why a child or someone alone should have to increase the risk of their life by calling numbers one-by-one hoping for rescue.

Some of my former students were tired of seeing this happen at their school with their friends and peers and decided to take matters into their own hands. They created Dependable Ride, an iPhone and Android app that will alert those on your phone's contact list that you need a ride home. This increases the possibility of finding a safe ride home.

How you can help
These students have come up with an amazing solution that could take drunk drivers off the road and find safety for those in need. They have used their programming, research, and marketing skills to make the world a better place. But the app has not been made yet, and you can help make that happen.

Team R Squared has submitted their idea and proposal to the Conrad Foundation's Spirit of Innovation Contest in hopes of getting their idea funded and supported. The team has already been selected as a finalist and with your vote, you can make it official.

Click on the link to Vote for Dependable Ride (Team R Squared) and Like their Facebook page. These are the two ways to increase the likelihood of their app being selected for funding.

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