Steve Jobs Dies: The World is a Little Less Awesome

Even if you never owned an Apple product. The technology you use every day was driven by Steve Job's vision. In a world of boxes, Jobs always demanded that his products be works of art and a pleasure to use.

Not everyone knows how their story with technology began, but I do. Sitting with my dad trying to code out programs on his Apple IIc and staring in awe at the graphics. I would not be who I was without that experience and I want to express my gratitude to the man who allowed it to be possible. My dad has never known anything else. He followed Apple wherever it went because of he respected the man's passion for beauty.

That vision went beyond computers, it allowed another group of visionaries to bring us movies like Toy Story and Nemo. It birthed the smartphone market and spurred innovation in handheld technology.

I cannot imagine the loss his family and colleague are going through, my deepest sympathies. His life touched everyone around the world and I want to say to Mr. Jobs, wherever you are, thank you for all the joy and creative freedom you gave to the world. 

Of all the videos and speeches I have seen, this one still makes me cry whenever I see it. Watch it with anyone you want to inspire to do innovate, create, and do incredible things.

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