Geogebra is extremely popular with Science/Math/Engineering Teachers of all grade levels. Therefore I thought it important to make a dedicated section for getting started with Geogebra.

What is Geogebra? It is a Free and Open Source software that allows students of all ages to visually interact with math. It can be used from anything to a graphing calculator to draw a line to very complex visualizations of 2D math (soon to be 3D)!


BrokenAirplane Posts about Geogebra:

  • 7 Steps to Interactive Math - This is all you need to get started. Within 10 minutes you will have Geogebra installed and feel comfortable enough to start using it in your classroom.
  • CUE Conference Resources - A recap of my 2011 presentation. There are video tutorials and more to help you increase your Geogebra abilities. After you have finished the 7 steps post above, this is a good way to get some more examples and experience.
  • Make Math Move with Animations and Sliders - This tutorial goes into how to make the math interactive by giving you the power to adjust the coefficients of an equation or the parameters of a construction (e.g. radius of a circle)
  • Share Math with Students and The World - Save and share your Geogebra constructions so your students can view them even when they are at home or without Internet. Then share them with the Education community like so many others have!
  • Sine, Cosine, and the Unit Circle - A great applet for demonstrating to students the relationship between the trigonometric functions and the unit circle. Here is another applet I made which shows this concept, be careful it will lead to deep discussions between you and your students!

Geogebra Community Support:
Geogebra has been around for long enough that there are quite a few people using it. That is the power of Open Source, people who might not previously have been able to learn and contribute to this project can freely use it on any computer in the world. In fact the problem is almost too many resources.

Let the community support you right away in using Geogebra. What are you planning on teaching today? Trigonometric functions, quadratics, Derivatives, Addition? Type in _________ (your topic) geogebra worksheet and I would be shocked if you couldn't find something that you could immediately use in your classroom.

Here are some great resources that you can always rely on for great Geogebra Content:

  • Geogebra Documentation - If you are like me and like to read the instructions to your toys, here they are.
  • Geogebra Forum - This is the official place where you can have your questions answered and propose new ideas.
  • Geogebra Wiki - The main site keeps a great collection of Worksheets that you can add to covering a wide variety of topics. There may be a Geogebra Institute in your area. Click the link to check it out. There is also a YouTube Channel dedicated to news and features in Geogebra.
  • Geogebra Math - Created by Linda (of Math247) and Maria (of Natural Math), legendary in the math community for their innovations and contributions. You will love these Worksheets.
  • Mathematics and Multimedia - This blog will really take you deep into mathematics. The tutorials not only demonstrate topics but also proofs or concepts that cover a large span of topics. Guillermo has done a masterful job with this blog.
  • Mathematics for Middle School - This is another blog where it is clear that the author (Andreas) is committed to creating great resources to share with educators and her students. The focus is on arithmetic and algebra which is so important as these abstract concepts demand visual explanation.

If you have any additional resources or are in need of more let me know.