Waiting for Superman Documentary Makes Education Reform Everyone's Concern

This Fall, a powerful movie from the maker of "An Inconvenient Truth" seeks to bring National awareness to Education as he did with Global Climate Change. If he succeeds there should be many more eyes on this issue. The movie is called Waiting for Superman (watch the trailer)

It has been too easy for too long to deal with the short term issues of our day for political gain. Meanwhile the long term issues have suffered and an entire generation is about to face the reality of our broken educational system.

We don't need a new test for teachers, or more technology for classrooms, the problem is much deeper than that. It is systemic and clearly not sustainable. It will require all of our attention to prevent future damage and give students a quality education.

What can you do?
Get your fellow teachers, administrators, parents, students, community members to see this movie. The first step is admitting that we have a problem.

Support and elect leaders who are committed to long term change, not just that which wastes money and produces little or no benefit.

If you have children, don't wait for change, be the change. Students who's Parents who are involved and supportive in their education and learning are more likely to succeed.

Get involved, use whatever talents and abilities you have to support our children. Remember the most powerful gift you can give is your time.

Thoughts, comments? Let the National discussion begin!