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If you have been playing with Geogebra learning the basics, sliders and animation, and hopefully some of your own, it won't be long before you want to share this with your students.

Of course you can show it on the projector if that is an option for you, but what happens when your students go home and need to remind themselves? Or perhaps you would like them to play with a concept before they come to class the next day. Whatever the reason, there is going to arise a need to share Geogebra files with your students outside the classroom.

Exporting a Worksheet
Luckily, Geogebra was built for easy sharing. Once you have created your Geogebra Worksheet that you want to share, click on "File" and then move your mouse over "Export". This brings up the sharing options.

There is the option to take a screenshot of your worksheet which can come in handy, but you probably want to share the whole thing, interactivity and all. Click on Export as "Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (HTML).

From there add in your information to describe what the worksheet is about. I would recommend that you don't leave this section blank as I have seen many unlabeled worksheets that have made no sense at all. It is a great idea to add instructions and descriptions to make the worksheet as helpful as possible.

Don't be afraid to check out the advanced tab as well. These options allow you to restrict certain options like right-clicking, reseting the construction, hiding the tools, etc. This is not for the purposes of restriction but to ensure that the student only does what you want them to do. If you give too many options for a construction where you only want them to drag the sliders, they could get confused.

Finally, click "Export" and decide where to save the file and what it should be called and like magic, your Geogebra Worksheet is there all packaged into one HTML File. This makes it easy to email the file to your students. If you have a website, you can add this as a page by placing it in your website's folder and linking to it.

It used to be much more difficult to share Geogebra files on the web, but now it is all inside one self contained file. Keep in mind that if your computers have updated JAVA, the files can be used without access to the Internet. This came in handy one day when the network was down.

If you are going to embed the file into your blog or anywhere else, you can follow the directions on Kate Nowak's Blog but keep in mind that if you resize the file you are going to not shrink down the file but cut off some of it. That is why I usually will provide the actual file or link to the file by using the Geogebra Uploader.

Here is a link to the Quadratic Coefficients Exercise mentioned in the previous post on Sliders and Animation in Geogebra.

If you are interested in embedding the sketch into your blog, there are some excellent instructions on the Mathematics and Multimedia blog.

Geogebra has been around for long enough that there are quite a few people using it. That is the power of Open Source, people who might not previously have been able to learn and contribute to this project can freely use it on any computer in the world. In fact the problem is almost too many resources.

Let the community support you right away in using Geogebra. What are you planning on teaching today? Trigonometric functions, quadratics, Derivatives, Addition? Type in _________ (your topic) geogebra worksheet and I would be shocked if you couldn't find something that you could immediately use in your classroom.

Here are some great resources that you can always rely on for great Geogebra Content:
Geogebra Wiki - The main site keeps a great collection of Worksheets that you can add to covering a wide variety of topics. There may be a Geogebra Institute in your area. Click the link to check it out. There is also a YouTube Channel dedicated to news and features in Geogebra.

Geogebra Math - Created by Linda (of Math247) and Maria (of Natural Math), legendary in the math community for their innovations and contributions. You will love these Worksheets.

Mathematics for Middle School - This is another blog where it is clear that the author (Andreas) is committed to creating great resources to share with educators and her students. The focus is on arithmetic and algebra which is so important as these abstract concepts demand visual explanation.

Mathematics and Multimedia - This blog will really take you deep into mathematics. The tutorials not only demonstrate topics but also proofs or concepts that cover a large span of topics. Guillermo has done a masterful job with this blog.

I will continue to do Geogebra tutorials and topics and if you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions about what you would like to see, let me know and I will either directly message you in the comments or Twitter or create a post to help you out. Remember to sign up for the CUE Conference in March and I will see you there!

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