FRC Team Chaos Vortex Week 5 Update

Yikes, time flies during FRC. It seems like Kickoff was just yesterday but then again with the long hours it seems like it has been forever. In reference to last week's FRC update, I said I would hopefully have a big proud grin on my face, well consider the below video my proud grin.

Yes it is official, Chaos Vortex's robot is able to move (and really quickly too). It is a bit scary to see something this heavy with the potential to move really fast. Our mechanism works exactly as designed but you will have to come to our regional on March 10-12 at the San Diego Sports Arena to see it in action.

The final week begins and with it comes the building of the giant crate to ship it as well as some long days but our small rookie team is amazing and will rise to the challenge. I am extremely grateful that FRC has the foresight to make ship date after the long President's Day weekend. We will be enjoying that time to get everything all polished up so we can be ready to ship.

To see the robot moving across the floor brings huge smiles to the team and gives them their second wind. Unfortunately it also reveals some of the things that need adjustment but we should be on track. My heart goes out to all of the teams that have asked for an extension to the FRC season because of the weather. WE have had some packages from AndyMark delayed because of it and I can't imagine the difficulty of trying to build. I wish all of the teams luck and energy for the last haul. You are doing amazing, keep it up!

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